As the trend for green movement slowly grows, consumers are rapidly converting to ecologically friendly means such as using renewable energy, promoting, and patronizing sustainable products, recycling, and utilizing natural and organic ingredients.

With the ever-changing world, the W Hydrocolloids, Inc. strives to incorporate sustainability in their day-to-day operations. As a vital part of a dynamic partnership to promote life and growth of the farmers, we continuously provide the required technical and financial assistance in terms of seaweed farming. Proper farming practices and additional knowledge on seaweed are imparted to the farmers through training sessions and general guidelines on improved farming techniques based on industry practices. With the use of these practices, farmers can harvest a more consistent number of seaweeds over a specific period of time, which essentially leads to increase in production and income for the farmers while following sustainable farming methods and producing quality raw materials. Several of W Hydrocolloids’ plants are also slowly converting to the use of geothermal energy to further enhance the company’s stand on sustainability movement. W Hydrocolloids is engaged in several socio-economic activities that aim to uplift and improve the quality of living through educational assistance, housing projects, feeding programs, and livelihood programs.

Standing as one of the leading exporters of ingredient solutions and carrageenan in the country, we at W Hydrocolloids, Inc., continuously operate to further enhance the firm’s thrust for environmental efficiency. We are working both upstream and downstream to produce and supply affordable, yet high quality and safe products, as well as upcycle and reutilize waste to reduce greenhouse effect, respectively.


Better + finer. As a leading expert in the food industry with more than 40 years of experience, WHI’s Research and Development continually strives for betterment by creating tailor-made ingredients that deliver the necessary health and nutritional benefits at an economical cost. Embodied by talent and experience, our food experts in W Hydrocolloids, Inc. provide 100% customized ingredients that satisfy and fulfill consumers’ needs.

#ExperienceFoodBetter. W Hydrocolloids, Inc. also offers improvement of current and existing products by conducting thorough research studies that will pioneer an extension application based on the current market trends.

#FoodInnovationAtItsFinest. Fully equipped to cater to the market’s needs, WHI continuously innovates to deliver superior food ingredients that satisfy consumers’ needs. With the distinctive combination of our formulation expertise, extensive market insights, and vast global footprint, we can provide tailor-made solutions to the needs of consumers.

Plant Facilities


  • Capacity: 3,200 MT per year
  • Size of Factory: 8,800 m2
  • Year Established: 2003


  • Capacity: 1,600 MT per year
  • Size of Factory: 794.7 m2
  • Year Established: 1981


  • Capacity: 1,200 MT per year
  • Size of Factory: 30,133 m2
  • Year Established: 1992


  • Capacity: 1,200 MT per year
  • Size of Factory: 18,018 m2
  • Year Established: 2010