Annual W Hydrocolloids, Inc. Basketball League Resumed Since Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our community. Most of the annual events during the pandemic have been postponed, but this year as the pandemic eases, W Hydrocolloids, Inc. reopens the opportunity to exhibit the talents of its employees through its annual sports fest.

The opening of the W Hydrocolloids, Inc. (WHI) annual basketball league was held in Carmona, Cavite last March 11, 2023. The employees of WHI assembled 9 teams to compete for the championship from each Plant Department and Head Office. The list of groups is as follows: Dry Section Team, Maintenance Team, WHI Head Office Team, two (2) teams from the Production Department, Biomass Department, Operations Team, MRDC Team, and PBI team.

W Hydrocolloids, Inc. continuously holds sports events as a way to promote camaraderie, team building, and healthy competition in the workplace.