Plant-based alternatives have continued to have a strong presence and demand this past few

years. Various vegan-friendly products appear in the market daily as the food industry

continues to innovate newer products to cater to those rising demands, including delicious

chewy marshmallows.

Unlike traditional marshmallows in the market, these vegan marshmallows do not contain the

animal-based product gelatin. Instead, it uses soy and carrageenan, a common seaweed food

additive. Together it forms a complex blend that provides this gelatin-free confectionery the

same familiar texture as its gelatin-based counterpart.

Future Market Insights, a premier provider of market intelligence and consulting services,

released a forecast last December 2022 that the market share of vegan products, particularly

for vegan marshmallows, will likely grow from $74.6M in 2023 to over $172.6 in the next ten

years. Additionally, the rising consumer demand for vegan food products is expected to

contribute to the growth trajectory of the global vegan marshmallow industry.

For this vegan marshmallow recipe, we highly recommend using Ricogel 86383, a carefully

blended food ingredients solution with standardized refined carrageenan. To help stabilize and

give a soft, bouncy elastic texture and excellent flavor release to your marshmallows and other


Points to consider:

● The dosage recommendation is 1.0 -2.0% of the total weight

● Ricogel 86383 is a Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Allergen-Free.

● Ricogel 86383 is HALAL and KOSHER Certified.

● Ricogel 86383 serves as a stabilizer and texturizer for confectionery products.