Innovative culinary creativity meets wholesome goodness with the latest sensation in the confectionery world–Cream Cheese Ballscrafted using the versatile ingredient carrageenan.

The global carrageenan market, valued at USD 865.4 million in 2018, is set to grow significantly at a CAGR of 7.49% from 2018 to 2024, reaching approximately USD 1.48 billion by 2024, as per Infinium Global Research. Carrageenan’s pivotal role in gelling, stabilizing, and thickening processes within the food and beverage industry, particularly in bakery & confectionery and dairy sectors, is driven by the increasing consumption of processed foods.

Simultaneously, the global cheese market is expected to reach USD 402.81 billion with a 7.9% CAGR in 2028, influenced by evolving consumer preferences emphasizing health, sustainability, and ethical cheese production. Key trends include the popularity of plant-based and vegan cheeses and a growing demand for aged and artisan varieties. The interconnected growth of carrageenan and cheese markets reflects evolving consumer choices and preferences in the broader food industry.

For this cream cheese balls recipe, we recommend using Ricovis 86346. Its incorporation enhances the texture and integrity of cheese products, ensuring superior quality. With excellent reactivity to milk proteins and adopting emulsion stabilization, it contributes significantly to the overall consistency and stability of the end product.

Points to consider:

  • The dosage recommendation is 0.20%–0.80% of the total weight.
  • Ricovis 86346 is a Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Allergen-free.
  • Ricovis 86346 provides excellent protein reactivity